mercredi 18 novembre 2009

English courses and upset Lami

I can't hide you this any more. It's so obvious:)!!! I found out: the worst freaks in this world are British people living in France!

Yes, I know, some of you have already heard that I'm supposed to speak English very well, but to be very poor in French. And every Wednesday I hear the same. And even if (in opposit to the others) I can read in English better than some kid from kindergarten, he doesn't have to correct me on every word - it doesn't mean that I speak English. It means just that the others (in the class) have a serious problem of perception, like dyslexia or some similar stuff.

And today as he was searching for a correct expression... he made some suggestions (much more for himself then for us), afterwards he looked down to my translation and said that what I wrote down was what he would say, but finaly... huuuem:

" No, finaly, Katarina, I think ... ce n'est pas élégant!"

So if you see my name in some books - like přeložila: Kateřina tadamtadam... don't buy them because certainly it won't be good. Because, you know, I'm really not good in French.
And don't even talk to my students of last two years! How could I dare to teach them!

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Anonyme a dit…

Be positive,have no problem with one maid man :-( Take it in one's stride Hani:-)

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