lundi 30 novembre 2009

Your opinion vaut la peine:)

Do you have an opinion about that?
Well I don't know, but I think that Swiss can do that, and that it's not outrageous!
Qu'en pensez Vous?
Je ne sais pas trancher, mais je crois que les Suisses ont droit a décider sur leur pays, et cela ne veut pas dire qu'ils voudraient offenser les musulmans!
Máte na to nějaký názor?
Nevím, co si s tím počít, ale myslím, že Švýcaři mají právo rozhodovat o svém státě, a že to není pokus o urážku všech světových muslimů!
But who knows what preceded?
Mais qui connait les motivations?
Kdo ví, co předcházelo?

6 commentaires:

Alča a dit…

Já to teda osobně taky chápu - od toho jsou přeci jen referenda, vláda jednoduše plní vůli lidu, s tím se nedá hádat. U nás by to dopadlo stejně.

Kami a dit…

No, Frantici z toho dělají pozdvižen, tak se bojím, abych nevypadala jako rasistka. Ale prostě si myslím, že minarety si můžou postavit doma, celej svět a zvl. "nezávislé Švýcarsko" nemusí podléhat jejich touhám. Ale neví, zda v takových úvahách nejdu moc daleko:-(

Anonyme a dit…

Well obviously this issue is not black & white (not rasist comment :-)). You have said that they can build those minarets at their home countries, however what if their home is in Switzerland ?

According to the latest Census (in 2000 - pretty old one though), there is 4,3% of Swiss population professing Muslim religion. (Source:
see page 7)

I am not saying an opinion, just stating the facts. Thus, consider whether this should not be qualified as majority dictate ... Personally, I do not know - tough issue !!

Kami a dit…

That's it, there's no easy issue to that... But I really don't think that it should be like a great discussion about(accusing them of insulting all musulmans, etc). The Swiss people were always like that (majority dictate) and as I know (I'm not a specialist) it worked.I'll search more to see... But I want you to know, that that's why I put that onto my blog, to see the others reactions!
And who are you, please?

Anonyme a dit…

Well democracy and majority voting is the best concept the humankind invented so far, however the rights of minorities should not be suppressed by this concept. Thus, this issue transforms to the question, whether the result of referendum does acctually suppress the rights of Muslims in Switzerland. And that is difficult to judge, isnt it ?

Anyway as I wrote couple of weeks ago, I would rather stay anonymous - you can call me secret friend ...

Kami a dit…

OK.. but find yourself some nick, for that I can know that's you. Maybe put that "secret friend" in the "name" when writting your coments. And precise: girl or guy?

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