vendredi 11 décembre 2009

What colour do you prefer?

If you think that it would by some rasist comment don't be afraid... Actually..., I don't know, let's see together.

Magda (Austria, these days student of UPJV Amiens) told me an other unbelievable story - THE french story:). She's been passing her exam today. And she got two white sheets of paper and two pink sheets of paper. So she wrote down one part of her work on one colour and the other part on the other colour. And when one hour before the time run out she wanted to hand out her work. First, it's really uncommon to end before that given time run out.... and second:
"Well, Magdalena, you can keep your pink one, I don't need it," said the teacher.
"But it's my work."
"Oh, how.... what,... you know you have 1 hour left, you can rewrite it, please.. on a white sheet?" "What a shit," thought Magada and she asked: "I'm sorry but I don't want to change the text it would be just like to rewrite for changing only the colour of that paper, nothing else. I can't hand out a pink one?!"
"Well, .... well. You have one hour left. So... I really can't accept the pink one... It's rule...!"
So she went, sat down and copied her work from the "pink shit of paper" on the "white shit of paper":).
Thanks to Magda for having shared that incredible story with me!

2 commentaires:

grey_lemur a dit…

to zní skoro jako japonci!

Anonyme a dit…

I dont understand what was happened? Crazzy, stupide ....... Hani :-)

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