dimanche 15 juillet 2012

Špásmo and others

We went to our favourite breeders to borrow the cage for Narya (the poor dog will have to stay closed there while home alone to prevent her from any harm during the convalescence of the broken paw) and - except a good converstaion as usually - we got (thank you!):

  1.   Špásmo - an excelent and funny word playing book by RiP - the breeder. While reading some of the pages we actually felt a little bit embarrassed, but that's that we are prudes (especially while the writer is almost like a parent to us).
  2.  a big bunch of fresh mint we used for making the fresh mint tea and the rest I let dry (for freshly dried mint tea).

Then we grilled with D. and Chelsea in the garden of their very new home.

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thepraguenosis a dit…

that was some wonderful fresh mint tea!

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