mardi 16 juillet 2013

Apolinář a month ago...

Well, I feel that theres something wrong in here...

Let's say that I had the same feelings... Nobody listens, then they give you their "horror" like opinion...
I had C- section planned for breach position (the doctor frightened me by telling stories about breech diagonal position- implying prolapsus of umbibical cord if the labour starts spontaneously - ... impossibility of natural turning of the baby - he's too big, there's no room, my uterus is defective for that...).
At the day-D they forgot to do an ultrasound check, then they asked me to come back for it from the surgery room with already bandaged legs - to tell that we're still breech. 15 min later they found my baby head down.
I was lucky - because their mistake saved m's life - he had four times the UC around his neck... It made no harm to him, but it would if he tried to pass through by "natural" ways.
Doctors who made the section and the care after were ok, but the postpartum care nurses and rooms... I'm sorry but it was awful! Even when I paid the extra care!!!
Messy bathroom and nursery table, no soap, no desinfectant, no everyday cleaning or changes of sheets! Emptying room trash bins at 6 in the morning. No warm water in shower at night. Only one clean baby wearing per baby - when it got soiled you had to go ask a new one - every time your baby vomit or as a boy pee (while being changed a nappy) on himself you have to walk all the way down the hall with your wet baby to ask a nurse for another piece of clothing! For making your (have to have your own) "breast feeding" tea - you have to do the same, walk all the way to ask a nurse to make you boil some water in her jug kettle and come back in some 10 min to pick it back when it's done. I don't even mention the food...
I escaped from there 3 days after the surgery... even though that after the section you're supposed to stay 5-6 days. In spite of this horror above, my wound was healing quicker and m hadn't rather lost any weight.
Where did the humanity go?

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