mardi 24 novembre 2009

Jolie look...

Za to, že jsem se stala abonentkou Yves Rochera:), sem dostala na nákup 50% slevu, a protože i tak šetřím, koupila jsem si tam jen tužku na rty v barvě Natural:) a mám teď rty jako Angelina:).
As I took part of Yves Rocher client group, I had a 50% off for my first purchase. I'm an economic person so I bought just a lipline "Natural" color and now I have lips like Angelina:)

Jolie lips.

(For those who don't know: jolie means pretty in french.)
Glasses: Vogue

Nailpolish: Astor

Jacket: still the same:)
Sweatshirt: Mexx
Dress: all by my seeelf:) Kamimade
Trousers: Reserved
Shopping bag: Yves Rocher - present:) Unfortunately, I don't have any gray shopping bag, but I'll improve it next time!
Baseball cap: Zara for men
And could you please stop taking photos, I'll get soak in this horrible weather! Grr!
(I've taken a better one - like smiling, but this one, I think, represents much more the mood I wes in:))

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Mord-ecay a dit…

Já chci mít taky tak plné rty chjo:(

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