lundi 1 février 2010


Italian: we learn the vocabulary like a painter, a sculptor or an architect (awesome) but we can't even introduce ourselves in a correct way!

English: there's no courses, but nobody can let us know. Why and how would they do that, they even don't know what the internet is, they only know that it can be dangerous!

Snow: well, I learnt the new word: déblayer that means "to clear away the snow". But look below to see what the snow lookes like for them. I was almost run over by a woman (death in her eyes, I can't find any appropriate English expression, so sorry) whose car speed equaled 15km per hour!:D

Well, I didn't find that it would even be worth taking out my "real" camera! So let see it by my mobile phone one.

Vogue: I want to wear some skirt or dress, but it's too cold:-( -1°C but feels like -6°C brr... no, skoro jako u Vás.

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grey_lemur a dit…

já se taky nemůžu dočkat, až vytáhnu sukni a třeba balerínky.:)

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