mardi 26 mars 2013

Pretty shitty and vernisage

Hey, you all... it's been long time I posted stg. It's not that I do nothing... I try to recover from some pretty shitty infection :o/ that keeps me or in the hospital or sitting in the rest room quite often!

I plan to make small vernisage of my "art" and a little celebration of few various upcoming events...

Would you let me know if you could come on Friday, May 10 (late in the afternoon, possibly in a winebar in Mikulandská st.)

2 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Pokud už mě Francouzi pustí domů, rádi se s Honzou zastavíme! Měj se krásně, Kami! Eri

Marie Fox a dit…

Dear Kami,

Your words about my painted women were so beautiful. They inspire me. Thank you!

I do like this little chair in its ethereal undefined setting. Somehow it seems to relate to you being away from your painting due to illness. I hope you recover soon. Thanks again for your lovely comment. Marie

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