vendredi 8 janvier 2010

Tohle se Vám nezdá...

Well, I'm supposed to write you about my Christmas presents, but... Let's make a step backwards you'll enjoy it, for sure!

We are on the 18th of Decembre 2009, Marc's comming to meet me... In the same morning my czech friend here, she's going home, from Beauvais. She takes the bus at 8 o'clock. There is about 10cm of the snow. She asks the bus driver to stop and let her get off at the airport (it's a real stop of that bus, it's normal to ask him to do that!) but he answeres her that he don't want to do that because of the snow. So she has to get off in the centre of Beauvais.... supposed to take an other bus. But there is no bus by that time. Only at 8 and a 11, for that her flight is at 11.50 (closing of check-in at 11.10), she decides to take a taxi. But guess what... There were no taxi because of the snow (we're still talking about 10cm, and expected, there were some forecast before about that affaire!). Sho she had to walk with all the luggage (about 30kg in all) about 7 km in the snow to the airport!
And now... today trains in the direction of London don't set out because of the snow... And in the North of France (where that happens normally every winter, I mean that it snows every year) there's a chaos expected (I heard that on the radio) because of 20cm of snow expected.
These people are incapable of getting used to the nature, what more do I have to tell you??

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Anonyme a dit…

Well, I guess those problems with the higher level of snow are in many big cities, where people are not used to that anymore. However, in these days the situation looks pretty intresting - at least here its like 15cm of new snow today! Anyway I hope the rest of the year will be more positive for you! Take care, your SF

Kami a dit…

I know... but look a that
and I think that we can manage some snow anyway! The snow is much worst somewhere else... like canadian snow tempests, isn't that truth? This is just a little inconvenience which doesn't have to cause these panic states of mind!
And about the "habitude": It's every year the same, so why not get used to that, finaly?

Anonyme a dit…

Well I dont really speak French unfortunately. But the coloured map with the pictures was nice though :-) !

Obviously, I was not writing about Canada or Scandinavian countries - people and authorities over there are usually pretty used to that weather and it does not constitute such a huge problem.

And according to my opinion, it is not actually the same every year in Paris, London or Prague - some winters are mild and some are stronger. Thus, sometimes these problems do not arise. But I do agree with you that managing the snow should be done in more efficient manner in our big cities.
Anyway, have a nice day, SF

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